Labbaik - ALLAHumma Labbaik Labbaik La Sharikka Lakka Labbaik Innal Hamda Wani'matta, wa lakka Al Mulk La Sharikka Lak.
Al - Madina Haj Service

Bismilla – Ir- Rahman – Nir Rahim
As salamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu

AL-Hamdu- Lillah,
Al – Madina  Haj Service 
a  trustworthy name in organizing  haj, umra  & zirath tour sinc 2001 onward.

We are very thankful to Allah Subana Watala for giving / choosing us the opportunity to serve the hajjis and get the blessing of them.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, we are know for dedicated sincere and excellent service to  Allah’s guest since 10 years, served  several pilgrims  for men / women / elderly people & kids not only from Karnataka state but also from neighboring states.

We are recognized by the Ministry of External Affairs (Hajj Cell), Government of India New Delhi, Ministry of HAJ, Government of Saudi Arabia & Member of Karnataka State Haj Organizers Association Bangalore and Member of Federation of All India Haj Umrah Tour Organisers Mumbai.


You can reach us:
Mr. Moin -0091 9845403517
109, 3rd Floor, Millia Building, N.R.Road, Bangalore - 560 002.
Ph: 0091 80 22132066 / 22132088

Saudi Mobile No:
00966 5695 46951

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